Miracle Berry & Weight Loss – What’s The Deal?

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Miracle Berry Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t easy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. And there’s no miracle diet that’s guaranteed to trim fat. Anyone making that claim is also lying. The truth is that diets work differently for everybody and the trick is to find one that works with your individual lifestyle and health goals.

But we’re not here to pitch some miracle weight loss plan. Instead we want to introduce you to the miracle berry, a little-known fruit which causes regular foods like lemons, tomatoes, and pickles to taste as sweet as pie. When you consume them in combination with a proven diet and exercise regimen, miracle berry tablets are a great way to avoid diet-ruining sweets when the sudden craving hits.

Miracle Berry for Weight Loss

First and foremost, miracle fruit – whether fresh, freeze-dried berries, or in tablet form – is not a weight loss routine on its own. These products should instead be used in conjunction with your existing diet. This can be done by supplementing your meal plan with the occasional miracle berry product in order to keep your regular urge for a sweet dessert at bay.

If you’re not usually big into sugary snacks, miracle berries are still perfect to have on hand for when the rare urge for something sweet hits. We all have bad days sometimes! Miracle berry tablets allow you to curb the desire for sugar without ruining the progress you’ve made towards your health goals.

Losing Weight with Miracle Fruit

Although you can find fresh miracle fruit out there, unless you’re in a very tropical climate with connections to a grower, it’s going to be pretty expensive. That’s because the fruits don’t last very long once they’ve been picked. They’re usually shipped out right after coming off the plant. And because of the fruit’s short life, sellers normally send them with next-day service which drives the cost up even further.

Instead, most miracle berry products you’ll find will either be freeze-dried berries (whole or halved) or the more popular and common tablet.

But no matter which of the two types of products you choose, using miracle berries for weight loss means not waiting to eat – miracle fruit starts working within minutes of consuming them. And if you’re worried about messing up your taste buds – don’t be. Miracle berry tablets only last for around 30 to 45 minutes. Your mouth will be completely back to normal afterwards.

All you do is chew up the miracle berry tablet or freeze-dried miracle berries. Once the miracle fruit’s active ingredient, miraculin, coats your taste buds regular foods will taste sweet like sugar until your saliva naturally washes it away.

Miracle Berries Weight Loss

The Miracle Berry Diet – Does It Work?

Although some people like to call it the miracle berry diet, miracle berries and tablets can be consumed as a regular part of almost any diet out there in order to greatly reduce your intake of sugar. Some people are even able to eliminate cravings for sweets altogether through the use of miracle fruit.

But yes, the so-called “miracle berry diet” can work well for many people who are having trouble sticking to their diet. Especially if their biggest issue is fighting off the desire for something sweet. The miracle berry makes it easy to satisfy those cravings while eating healthy, diet-approved foods that aren’t filled with sugar. You’re just fooling your taste buds into thinking that they are.

Miracle Berry Weight Loss Tips

No matter what type of weight loss diet you’re on, from keto to low-fat and everything in between, here are some helpful tips on how you can incorporate miracle berry products into your existing weight loss routine:

1. Despite the name, remember that freeze-dried miracle berries and miracle berry tablets are not miracle weight loss pills. Without structured diet and exercise, miracle fruit is not going to get you into shape on its own.

2. As part of a weight loss routine, miracle berry should primarily be used to curb the craving for sugar when it pops up. Miracle berry tablets start working within minutes and can help satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your diet.

3. One popular technique for incorporating miracle berries into scheduled meal plans is to choose a few nights a week and use a miracle berry tablet to pig out on healthy snacks like grapes, tomatoes, limes, and even cottage cheese.

4. Most people continue to use miracle berries as a regular sweet treat substitute throughout their diet, although some choose to reduce how frequently they use miracle berry tablets as the weeks go on. This is in order to try and eliminate the cravings for sweets altogether.

5. Even those who wean themselves away from sweets still use miracle fruit tablets from time to time, often to squash the rare craving or to lessen the consequences of a cheat day.

Miracle Fruit Weight Loss

Finally, before we wrap things up, we want to take the time to specifically address a few of the most common questions that we receive from readers on the topic of miracle berries and weight loss:

Do Miracle Berries Help with Weight Loss?

Miracle fruit can serve as a great addition to any weight loss plan. That’s because miracle berry tablets (as well as freeze-dried miracle berries) are a quick-acting way to cure the occasional sweet tooth by causing healthy, diet-friendly foods to taste like a sugary dessert. Used in combination with a healthy diet, miracle berries can help with weight loss by providing you an alternative to the foods you want but know you shouldn’t be eating.

What Is the Miracle Fruit that Helps You Lose Weight?

While it won’t shed the pounds all by itself, the miracle berry fruit – Synsepalum dulcificum – helps naturally curb your body’s urge for sugar by causing regular foods to taste sweet when you eat them. Most products come in freeze-dried or tablet form, begin working within a few minutes, and only last for around half an hour – making them perfect for satisfying sugary cravings when they hit.

How Many Calories Are in a Miracle Berry?

Thanks to the natural absence of sugar, miracle berry fruit products are typically considered to have zero calories. In its fresh form, the average miracle berry fruit has been found to contain around one-half of a calorie. When taken in tablet or freeze-dried form, the overall amount of fruit consumed will have a negligible impact on your calorie count.

Do Miracle Berries Have Carbs?

You’re not going to find miracle berries to be a significant source of carbohydrates in any of the products available on the market. For all intents and purposes, both dried miracle berries and miracle berry tablets are carb-free. Keep in mind – you aren’t eating these fruits by the handful but rather just one or two small pieces (or tablets) at a time.

How Much Sugar Is in a Miracle Berry?

Zero! Miracle berries – and pretty much all miracle fruit tablets – are completely 100% sugar-free. All of the sweet flavor sensation produced by the miracle berry is the result of miraculin, which interestingly enough is not sweet on its own. In fact, while miracle berries are great at making regular foods taste sweet, they don’t really have much of a taste on their own.

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