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Miracle Fruit Plant – 4″ Pot – Synsepalum – End your dependence on sugar!


3 Miracle Fruit Seeds – End your dependence on sugar!

After eating one of the red holly-like fruits you will find that anything else that you eat in the next 2 hours will be either deliciously sweet, or will have a taste that has been noticeably enhanced. It is a tropical tree to 15′. It is easily grown indoors with constant warmth, bright light, and high humidity. It may be kept pruned to the desired height. The attractive oval leaves are green with some wine stain. Three seeds to a pkt. Seed is too perishable to send by airmail postage, we send by Priority mail which costs $4.49 therefore we suggest that you order it in conjunction with other items to justify the cost of shipping.


Growth Habit: Miracle fruit is an evergreen bush or tree growing to 15 ft. in its native habitat, but rarely to 5 ft. otherwise.

Foliage: The plant has deep green, elongated leaves which grow in a spire-like habit.

Flowers: The small 1/4 inch white flowers of miracle fruit are produced in flushes through many months of the year.

Fruit: The fruit is a small bright red, ellipsoid berry approximately 2 to 3 cm long and containing a single seed. Although not sweet itself, when a single fruit is eaten and the fleshy pulp allowed to coat the taste buds of the tongue and inside of the mouth, an extraordinary effect occurs. The fruit will now allow one to eat a slice of lemon or lime without wincing. The marvelous aroma and inherent sweetness of the citrus remains but the sourness is almost completely covered. The effect remains for some 2 hours or more.


Location: As an indoor plant, provide the plant with bright light such as a well lit window. In the summer the plant can be moved with care to a warm, lightly shaded spot.

Soils: An acid soil is a must for miracle fruit. They prefer a soil acidity of pH 4.5 to 5.8. This can be achieved by planting in equal pa