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Miracle Fruit Berries – Pack of 20

Imagine eating fresh strawberries as if they were covered in sugar or biting into a lemon that tastes like lemon candy, or drinking a sugar free soda that tastes better than the original. Miracle Fruit is a rare berry that masks the sour and bitter taste receptors on your tongue, creating the effect of a sweetener. By eating the berry first, you will experience this effect on everything you eat and drink for the next hour. Plus it only takes one berry! Below are some of the beneficial uses:

1. Chemotherapy patients often develop a metallic taste for most foods. A single miracle fruit berry can mask this metallic taste.

2. Diabetics are continually trying to regulate their sugar intake and are not always inclined to eat a sugar-free food or drink. The berry allows them to experience the foods they enjoy, without putting their sugar levels out of balance.

3. Indulge your sweet tooth without the sugar. The obvious benefits to less sugar in your diet include weight loss, steady energy levels and better dental health.

4. Have Fun! Often called “Taste Tripping”, sharing the berries with family and friends is a fun way to enjoy some of the same foods you’ve always eaten, now in a whole new way.

Sometimes referred to as the Miracle Berry, Miracle Fruit wasn’t created in a lab. It is a naturally growing plant first discovered in West Africa. The actual name is “Miracle Fruit” which contains a special protein “miraculin” that creates this taste altering experience. The plant can only grow in tropical environments and until recently, has not been grown successfully on a mass scale. Recent improvements in the refinement of propagation and care by the growers at Miracle Fruit Farm have consistently produced healthier plants with more and bigger berries.

– refrigerated shelf life is 7 days
-seeds from fresh berries can be planted to grow your own tree
– can be frozen