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HIMALAYAN GOJI MIRACLE TEA Premium Green Tea 50 Gram (1.76 Oz)

Not only does this green tea blend have a striking taste, but it’s also beneficial to your body. Gojiberry is reach in antioxidants and has been used by Tibetan monks since ancient times to boost immune function, protect the liver, and improve sexual performance.
Himalayan Goji Ingredients: Green tea (80%), gojiberries, lemon grass, pomegranate seeds, flavoring, cornflower blossoms.


HONEYMELON BERRY MIRACLE TEA Premium Green Tea 50 Gram (1.76 Oz)

Japanese green Sencha tea with a unique fruit bouquet. Raspberry-melon notes and the mild taste of Sencha are very well paired. A great tea to start the
day with !
Honeymelon Berry Ingredients: Green tea, honey melon cubes, flavoring, freeze-dried whole raspberries, sunflower blossoms.