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Miracle Frooties 600mg Miracle Fruit Berry Tablets Designer Box

Sour/Bitter tastes Sweet for 1-2 hours. Just dissolve 1 or 1/2 tablet on your tongue letting it coat it thoroughly.

The natural Miraculin in the Miracle Berry presses into the Sweet receptors on your tongue making lemons, limes and grapefruit sugary sweet.

Diabetics can enjoy lemon and water that tastes just like lemonade.

Some Chemotherapy patients use to offset the metallic taste of chemotherapy.

Healthy Food is delicious.

HCG Dieters get more flavor from the restricted diet.

Miracle Frooties are Gluten free, ISO/HACCP certified, sugar free, less than 1 calorie, Vegan friendly and Kosher.


Holiday Edition Miracle Frooties 600mg Box